what’s on offer at williamhillbingo

William Hill Bingo is a very popular online bingo site that offers many different games to keep you playing bingo online all day long.

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Chat bingo games are always fun to play and at William Hill Bingo they have chat games to keep everyone thinking and on their toes. Chat game winners are rewarded with Bonus Bucks. The more you play the more chances you have to win!!! Rhyme Time is one CG they play in the Main 90 Ball Bingoroom that will keep you thinking of words that rhyme all day long. The CM will put up a word and you have to guess its rhyming match and be the 5th roomie to post the correct answer.

If you go to the feature section of the bingo schedule at William Hill Bingo, you will find the Super Bingo Lynx Game. They play Super Bingo Lynx on the last Sunday of every month and if you think you are going to miss it, you can pre-buy your tickets so you’re covered. The prize is a whopping £10,000.

William Hill Bingo has just paid out a record £1.5 million jackpot on their Clover Rollover Jackpot!!! Roomie, Simon is £1,566,056.97 richer to be precise!! He won this gigantic jackpot while playing the side game during 90 ball bingo play. He lined up 5 lucky shamrocks in a row and there it was the record jackpot.

The Clover Rollover Jackpot had been steadily growing since the game became available in March of 2008 and then eight months later it made Simon a millionaire!! The jackpot has been reset and is already worth more than £100,000, so get on board and take a spin – you may be the next winner!!!!If your looking for an online bingo site that has it all. So go online at williamhillbingo.com, register, make a deposit and starting playing today.