Play Free Bingo at Little woods bingo

There are various ways of playing free bingo at Littlewoods Bingo and it starts of when you make your first deposit with them. You will receive a £1 welcome bonus and this will entitle you to play 10 free bingo games with and this may end up turning you into a big winner. You will also receive free money when you make your first deposit at Littlewoods Bingo.

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On the 29th July at Littlewoods Bingo you have the chance of playing free bingo throughout the day. You have the chance of winning some fabulous money and it hasn’t cost you anything to take part. If you were to win on one line then you would get £5, a win on two lines will also give you £5 and a full house win will give you £10. A maximum of 6 tickets per person is given so let’s hope that the ones that you have become the lucky ones and make you a winner.

This is a great promotion by Littlewoods Bingo because a lot of people will be interested in taking part and it would also attract new players because it would give them something to look forward to at the end of the month.

Hopefully Littlewoods Bingo will offer more free bingo games because everyone likes to play on them as they have the chance of winning something for nothing. So make sure you visit today and become a winner on one of the free bingo games available.